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Insole maker extols Susterra's benefits

Materials specialist Matmarket has created insoles using 25% Susterra propanediol, a renewably sourced, plant-based building block.

The material from DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products allows Insite Contoura to be made with a lower carbon footprint, according to the company.

It claims Susterra produces 48% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and uses 46% less non-renewable energy from cradle-to-gate.

“We started developing with Susterra propanediol for the sustainability benefits, however, we ended up integrating it into all of our products since the material performance alone outperformed our non-bio alternatives,” said Gregory Diharce, chief product officer at Matmarket. 

“The partnership with Susterra allowed us to develop compounds that enhanced material performance and durability while reducing overall weight which we have not found with any other bio-product.”