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OEKO-TEX proposes chemical certification system Eco Passport

The International OEKO-TEX Association has created a certification system, Eco Passport, for its portfolio of sustainable textile certifications, which is being tested and is expected to launch by summer.

Eco Passport is a verification procedure by which manufacturers of textile processing chemicals and chemical compounds, such as dyes, performance additives, finishing agents, lubricants, detergents are able to confirm that their products can be used in sustainable textile production.

The program is comprised of three assessments. First, manufacturers disclose the chemical substances in their formulas which are compared via their CAS number against the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Restricted Substance List and the STEP by OEKO-TEX Manufacturing Restricted Substance List. These lists are compliant with REACH and ZDHC guidelines.

Second, a risk/hazard assessment is conducted in which each ingredient is evaluated against 22 health and environmental endpoints.

Finally, an analytical verification is performed to confirm that the chemical product does not contain unintended by-products or contaminants and meets the criteria for Eco Passport.

The Swiss company says it is preparing to host webinars to ensure clients are aware of the programme.

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