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Oeko-Tex survey shows ‘people are taking textiles more seriously’

A survey of 11,000 textiles consumers in 10 countries has revealed that 60% wish to know their textiles are certified and 40% like to know the values and principles of brands.

“People want to ‘do the right thing’ and want to know which brands to favour,” said Ellen Karp, a sustainability research expert who conducted the survey. 

Commissioned by the Oeko-Tex Association in commemoration of its 25th anniversary, the study explores consumer attitudes about textile sustainability including harmful substances, the industry’s environmental impact and the social welfare of textile workers.

 “People are thinking long-term and globally in terms of sustainability,” added Ms Karp. “Living sustainability is an aspiration and they are looking for help in how to get there. They are considering brands and companies as part of it.”

Around 40% said they didn’t know much about they way textiles and clothing are produced, but the same amount said they are concerned about hazardous substances in clothing. “This was surprising to me, it is an indicator that people are taking textiles more seriously,” said Ms Karp.

Around 32% had purchased “eco-friendly” clothing; those less likely to buy them cited expense as an obstacle. “Textile sustainability is growing in importance for consumers,” adds Ms Karp. 

Find out more about the survey on the Oeko-Tex website.

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