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New mountains to conquer
Italian outdoor brand Montura is one of the best known names in mountaineering circles throughout Europe, but in North America the label is much harder to find. Mike Stepanek of M.T. Imports is planning to change that.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2020
Raising the bar on reducing waste
Adidas recently announced a bold and simple mission: End plastic waste. A look at what the sports brand is doing now, along with landmark products from the past few years, suggests they are well on the way.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2020
Smart textiles power up
An evolution in consumer acceptance and the development of kit that makes it easier to integrate electronics into textiles suggest the market for smart clothing may be reaching a tipping point.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2020
Micam celebrates sports shoe success
The Milan footwear exhibition Micam added a new component for its September 2019 show. For the first time, sports and outdoor brands were able to show off their latest collections in a dedicated space called the Players’ District.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2019
Houdini’s circular pledge is no illusion
The chief executive of Houdini Sportswear says she wants the brand to make more use of technologies that “work in partnership with nature”.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2019
Choob, Mwezi and Poka start a new life
When Sir Francis Drake sailed round the world, in 1580, he described the Cape as “a most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth” — now a South African company based in the Cape is upcycling sails to ensure it stays the fairest.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2019
Innovation for the individual
NEWCOMERS: X-BIONIC INDIVIDUAL. Swiss performance sportswear brand X-Bionic will call on all it has learned from 20 years of innovation for a new project it says can create garments “as individual as a fingerprint”.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2018
The race to Russia
NEWCOMERS: 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP. From June 14 to July 15 the eyes of the world will be on Russia as the 2018 FIFA World Cup rolls into town. WSA looks at some of the innovative products sports brands have developed ahead of the tournament.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2018
A brighter future for millions
WakaWaka’s solar-powered LED lights and charging packs allow outdoor enthusiasts to spend more time doing the activities they love. Its NGO arm also provides these devices to people in need in conflict zones and remote rural areas.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2018
A new state of repair
Zipper after zipper, tear after tear, the repair movement is gaining momentum as dedicated workshops spring up and brands begin to address the issue by inspiring consumers to keep their products longer, or put them back on the market.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2017
Back in the saddle
Cycling apparel brand Giordana is making a return to elite-level competition, supplying two UCI World Tour teams with its latest range of innovation-led clothing.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2017
Something in the air
Rise to the Challenge: Repreve and Eagle’s Nest Outfitters - A self-inflating airbed has given Unifi a new application for its Repreve recycled polyester fibre and its partner ENO an opportunity to enhance the sustainability credentials of its newest product.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2016
Babolat makes a racket
Brand Profile: Babolat - A study into the strangely secretive tennis racket market found by “industry consensus” that Babolat is top of the tree. It’s a remarkable feat given that the French company only began manufacturing rackets in 1994.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2016
Where soccer and snooker part company
Millions of people get their kicks watching 22 men chase one ball around a swathe of green. Millions of people also get their kicks watching one man chase 22 balls around a swathe of green.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2016
When ballistics meets athletics
With properties ranging from ultra lightweight strength to all around ruggedness and durability, high-tenacity fibres and abrasion-resistant materials traditionally used in ballistic equipment and motorcycle clothing are muscling their way into active sportswear.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2016
Brand Profile: Ortovox
Ortovox puts safety at top of agenda: The German outdoor brand relies on wool to keep consumers warm and dry, and has played a key role in the development of emergency equipment for the mountains.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2015
Brand Profile: Haglöfs
Haglöfs extends sustainability aims: The Swedish outdoor brand has set its sustainability bar high so there can be no accusations of greenwashing, and has introduced a set of criteria for footwear to carry its Take Care label.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2015
A Retrospective Part 2
20th Anniversary: Two decades of change: In the second part of WSA’s 20th anniversary celebrations, industry insiders discuss how the magazine has kept them informed of market developments, and give us their views on the changing face of the outdoor and sports market, and what lies in store.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2015
WSA - The Second 10 Years
A brief timeline in textiles and sports, Part 2.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2015
WSA - The First Ten Years
A brief timeline WSA in textiles and sports.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2015
Anniversary Perspective: 20 years on
Looking into the future market with the benefit of hindsight: In 1995, textile management consultant David Rigby outlined his thoughts on present and future markets for sports- and leisurewear in WSA’s first issue. Twenty years on, Alexandra Zakharova decided to focus on the same markets and review the factors that have contributed towards their growth. Using Rigby’s original article as a starting point, it has led her to consider multiple areas of activity and highlights the importance of the ‘Millennials’, especially women, for the sector’s further development.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2015
Take a load off
The new breed of backpacks for spring-summer 2015 are showcasing more technical materials and innovative design, as brands strive to weigh fresh aesthetics with manufacturing issues and costs.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2014
Brand profile: Mountain Equipment
Scaling new heights: From humble beginnings, the UK brand has supplied insulated jackets and sleeping bags to every British-first ascent of an 8,000m peak, has been part of more than 175 Everest summits and equipped unsupported trips to the North and South Poles.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2014
Tears, tantrums and the America’s Cup
Apparel and gear providers rose to the challenge to address safety issues and help make the world’s oldest sailing race the most spectacular in history.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2014
Rise to the challenge: Outlast and C. Russ
Humidity causes discomfort: With too much emphasis on temperature control, a specialist consultant believes the outdoor industry is missing an important point in the comfort debate. Different people feel comfortable at different temperatures. Humidity, however, can make it hard for anyone to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2013
Standards in sport: Expedition to Everest
The world’s top attraction: To climb Mount Everest, rising 8,848 metres above sea level, is the dream of many. In the 2013 season (which ended in June), it came true for 600 people, more than half of those were Sherpa. Without the mountaineering skills of this Himalayan people, expeditions to the world’s highest peak would not be possible and this has been the case since 1953, when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first stood on top of the world.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2013
Standards in sport: Hockey
Hockey sticks at dawn: While ructions over rival leagues and governing bodies are marring the game in India, it remains one of the most important global stages for field hockey – once seen as a national game. Away from the limelight, advances in materials and equipment have kept the rule makers busy, aiming to make the sport safer, fairer and more entertaining to watch.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2012
Brand profile: Nordisk
The World stops for camping: Danish outdoor company Nordisk appears intent on combining retro styles with up-to-date textile technology in its sleeping bags and especially in its best known products, tents.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2012
Brand profile: CAMP
Keeping it in the family: From its roots in the foothills of the Italian Alps, family-based mountain hardware company CAMP has developed into an important brand with an international presence.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2012
Standards in sport: Competition ski suits
Safety versus speed: With strict guidelines set down by the International Ski Federation for the race suits worn by skiers in international competitions, textile and garment manufacturers tread a fine line between safety and speed to comply with the norms while addressing athletes’ insatiable yearning for performance-enhancing materials.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2012
Focus on winners: Iker and Eneko Pou
Mapping new ground: Spanish climbers Iker and Eneko Pou recently opened a new route on Mont Blanc, naming it the ‘Classic Modern’. Highlighting the importance of wearing the right apparel in tough conditions, the brothers say the clothing they wear has saved their lives on countless expeditions.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2011
Innovations in backpacks
Outdoor companies have long tried to design comfortable, energy-efficient backpack systems – and are getting ever-closer to reaching their goal.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2011
Focus on winners: Laird Hamilton
Water Wizard: Looking for a partner to help it launch a new stand-up paddle board as a complement to its Mar Mostro craft in the Volvo Ocean Race, sports brand Puma looked no further than Laird Hamilton, the surfer credited with riding the heaviest wave ever.
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2011
A trek in British Columbia
Alberta-based outdoor enthusiasts Cathy and Andy Harris spent a week last summer completing the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with their teenage daughters, Emily and Madeleine, and their cousin Livvy. This is Cathy’s account of the trip, and of how the outdoor clothing and equipment they took with them stood up to the conditions.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2009
Spot the difference
WSA - Issue5 - Sept/Oct 2009
New “cradle to grave” ski glove
Two sports textile innovators have teamed up to launch what they claim is the world’s first ever recyclable ski glove. Swany America, backed by Swany Japan, has teamed up with Japanese textile firm Teijin Fibers to produce gloves that are made from recycled polyester and can be recycled over and over again.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2009
Innovations for revolutionary running
Running as both a recreational activity and as a competitive sport appears to be becoming increasingly popular. As more and more people get involved, technical textile, garment and footwear manufacturers are working hard behind the scenes to develop new innovations to boost runners’ performance and to improve their comfort levels.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009
Sourcing strategies change as the world becomes a tougher place
Most economic predictions for 2009 are bleak, which means companies selling sports and outdoor clothing, footwear and other equipment are being very careful about what they put on the shelf. Suppliers in all parts of the supply chain are preparing to modify their sourcing strategies accordingly.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009
Emerging markets climb
A recent report from Global Industry Analysts suggests that various emerging markets will play a key role in growing the global sporting goods market in the coming years. The report, entitled ‘Sporting Goods: A Global Outlook’, also states that there has been a growing interest in outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, hiking, camping and backpacking.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009
Life at the high end
From the time you picked up this magazine to the time you happened upon this article, odds are that the stock market stumbled by a percentage point or two, and several currencies juggled their relative value multiple times. Such is the state of the global economy at the moment: erratic, worrying, and tight. People are tearing up their credit cards and counting their pennies (and yen and rubles). As a result, budget retailers and purveyors of necessities are ushering in new crowds, while the once elite are feeling suddenly quite lonely.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009
Focus on winners: Russell Coutts
A life on the ocean wave. In this new section of WSA, we present the views of champion sportspeople on recent textile developments for the clothes, footwear and equipment they use. In this issue, Olympic gold medallist and three-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts provides an insight.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009