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Rhenoflex introduces sustainability-factor rating

Rhenoflex has introduced a system to provide at-a-glance information about how sustainably a product has been made.

Called ECO-Level, the system rates the ‘sustainability factor’ of products by categorising and rating each with one, two or three leaves. The primary categories are Polymer (biopolymer), Filler (renewable raw materials) and Recycling (recycled raw materials). One leaf indicates 0-30%; two leaves indicate 30-60% and three leaves indicate 60-100%.

The Germany-based shoe component manufacturer said its Rhenoprint process and the use of materials made from renewable and recycled materials demonstrates how sustainable a production process can be. This new system can “make our sustainability concept even more transparent for our customers”, it said. “At a glance, the symbol provides information about the sustainability factor of the product at hand.”