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Taiwan’s experts stay one step ahead
Once again Titas was awash with new ideas - biodegradability, novel recycled fibres and the circular economy among those on the agenda.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2019
Under Armour goes in for infrared
Sports brand Under Armour has harnessed the power of infrared energy to help athletes improve their performance and kickstart their recovery after exercise. The secret is a mineralinfused fabric developed with the help of textile innovator Celliant.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2019
Fine-tuned breathability
This autumn, outdoor brand The North Face will launch Futurelight, its new, proprietary breathable-waterproof outerwear technology. The company says Futurelight will “redefine the future of technical outerwear”. A closer look suggests they might not be exaggerating.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2019
Wearables at CES: a round-up of our favourites
Every January, CES kicks off the new year with its famous conference celebrating the absolute latest in consumer technologies. Dating back to 1967, this is where many attendees had their first exposure to the videocassette recorder (RIP, trusty old VCR), compact discs, Microsoft Xbox, high-definition televisions, 3D printers, electric cars, and virtual reality.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2019
Digital era textiles
Tracking and tagging systems are expanding beyond supply chain management to offer functions and features that open up new interactions between users and their clothing. These novel datadriven technologies could change the way clothing is designed, used, shared and even recycled.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2019
Wearables in print
Flexible, thin, elastic, washable, scalable and cost-efficient, printed electronics are coming forward as the technique of choice for the integration of smart components into clothing.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2018
A brighter future for millions
WakaWaka’s solar-powered LED lights and charging packs allow outdoor enthusiasts to spend more time doing the activities they love. Its NGO arm also provides these devices to people in need in conflict zones and remote rural areas.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2018
Designers asked to get creative with Flexweave
Reebok believes the possible applications of its Flexweave material extend beyond its original use in shoes. It has recruited prominent design groups to explore what it says is “limitless potential”.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2018
‘The greatest innovation of the 21st century’
Jamie Hunt, co-founder and director of product development for Australia-based 2XU, would like to see an industry standard for the term ‘compression’ to stop others using it incorrectly.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2018
Smart thermal solutions
Electrically powered textile heating systems for garments are programmed to deliver just the right amount of warmth when and where it is needed. Mastering this simple function is far from easy, involving many different textile, electric and electronic options, arguably making it a blueprint for next-generation wearable electronics.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2018
Graphene’s many gifts
Often dubbed a miracle material, graphene possesses a unique combination of properties: thermal and electrical conductivity, strength, antibacterial and UV blocking. These are being put to the test in the first graphene-based textiles coming to market.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2017
On the safe side
Modern lifestyles depend daily on wireless communications and smart chip-enabled services, and these are a source of constant electromagnetic radiation. Growing awareness of their possible impact on health and data security is driving new developments in textiles.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2017
The comfort zone
US start-up Omius Tech has developed a waterproof jacket that uses artificial intelligence to regulate the wearer’s body temperature.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2017
More than just hot air
Researchers from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) have teamed up with knitting machine manufacturer Stoll to help athletes tackle cold winter weather.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2017
When ballistics meets athletics
With properties ranging from ultra lightweight strength to all around ruggedness and durability, high-tenacity fibres and abrasion-resistant materials traditionally used in ballistic equipment and motorcycle clothing are muscling their way into active sportswear.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2016
E-textiles, smarter by the day
Disappearables, the buzzword of the day in wearable technologies, refers to the seamless integration of smart devices into everyday life. Soft, elastic, comfortable and washable, textiles are seen as one of the best ways to achieve this.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2016
Rise To The Challenge: Directa Plus, Vittoria And Colmar
Graphene makes an outdoor apparel breakthrough: Part of a famous list of accidental scientific discoveries and of a separate list of innovations that have led to Nobel prizes, graphene made a long-awaited commercial breakthrough into the sports and outdoor markets at the start of 2016 thanks to joint projects involving Italian companies Directa Plus, Vittoria and Colmar.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2016
Breakthroughs in wearable technology
Which ideas will help make wearable technology more mainstream? We pick out three smart garments that could soon help sports enthusiasts everywhere measure health and performance.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2015
WSA - The Second 10 Years
A brief timeline in textiles and sports, Part 2.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2015
WSA - The First Ten Years
A brief timeline WSA in textiles and sports.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2015
Anniversary Perspective: 20 years on
Looking into the future market with the benefit of hindsight: In 1995, textile management consultant David Rigby outlined his thoughts on present and future markets for sports- and leisurewear in WSA’s first issue. Twenty years on, Alexandra Zakharova decided to focus on the same markets and review the factors that have contributed towards their growth. Using Rigby’s original article as a starting point, it has led her to consider multiple areas of activity and highlights the importance of the ‘Millennials’, especially women, for the sector’s further development.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2015
Wearable tech textiles coming out of beta phase
There is nothing simple about integrating electronics into textiles, and though projects abound from academia and start-ups to big corporations, many hurdles remain. The good news is that there now appears to be a market for smart garments and the trend seems to have turned many sports enthusiasts into data addicts.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2015
The stories labels tell
Whether printed or interactive, innovative tags are introducing new ways in which brands engage and interact with consumers. For educational purposes or enhanced user experiences, change is under way in the world of labels.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2014
Fabrics: the next step in 3D printing?
In the brave new world of 3D printing, makers and tinkerers dream up, scan, code, digitise and print out objects of all sorts. Some experiment with flexible plastics and chain-mail fabrications. Many would like to print out a material suitable for clothing.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2014
Bridging the gap between performance and aesthetics
From ultra-slim summer insulation and far-infrared reflecting materials to patterned trimming, new textiles pack multiple features in ever more compact formats for innovative sportswear designs.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2013
Smart textiles pick up pace
As bio-monitoring and fitness-tracking devices gradually become a part of everyday sports equipment, ‘wearables’ seems poised to become a mainstream market. For e-textile and electronic component manufacturers, this signals the need to scale up production to address a market estimated to reach $6 billion by 2016.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2013
Upgrading sportswear with electro-textiles
Progress made in miniaturised, low-energy electronics and sensors is leading to a smarter selection of electro-textiles and “energy-harvesting” accessories. Although there remains room for improvement regarding their autonomy, weight and integration into garments, this vast field of research is fuelling an increasingly data-driven athletic market.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2012
Sports trends – colourful, retro & luxury
There are many seemingly contradictory trends in winter sports footwear, but they can complement each other too. Some very obvious trends at ispo 2012 were colourful, retro, luxury, barefoot, and family winter sports.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2012
Protecting the extremities
Whether ultra lightweight, extra warm or perfectly adapted to a specific sport, developments in gloves over the last year have been interesting and innovation-pushing.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2012
Life-saving inks
Textile innovator Lauren Bowker is developing an ink that, when printed on clothing, will change colour when the wearer is about to have an asthma attack or strain a muscle.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2011
Mapping the future
Sports clothes being made from more than a single type of textile material may not be new but research into body mapping technology is revealing new possibilities for achieving maximum performance and comfort.
WSA - Issue3 - May/Jun 2011
Rise To The Challenge: JRC Reflex/Macpi
The best way to compete is to collaborate: In this new WSA feature, we look at another example of how supply chain collaboration can help companies throughout the textile and apparel industry overcome challenges.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2010
How to be cool and stay cool
California-based Cooltech Marketing has launched three new sportswear garments that are designed to keep the wearer’s core body temperature within comfortable ranges in hot environments or during body heat-generating activities.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2009
Research institutes: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong comes up with the money: Thanks to generous funding from the Hong Kong government, the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at the special administrative region’s Polytechnic University has been able to embrace a whole series of cutting-edge projects with a firm focus on sports.
WSA - Issue6 - Nov/Dec 2009
Research Institutes: Sports Science Institute, University of Cape Town
There is a growing tradition of footwear and clothing manufacturers working with scientific and technical institutes to help them create better products for active sportswear and protective wear. One such organisation that really understands the medical and physiological demands is found in Cape Town.
WSA - Issue4 - Jul/Aug 2009
Dolomite and Dryarn unite tradition and innovation
Italian outdoor brand Dolomite is the latest textile firm to incorporate Aquafil’s Dryarn into its garment collection. The company showcased its Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) line at the most recent edition of Pitti Immagine, in mid-January. The bright, clear colours used were chosen by the company to reflect natural elements, such as, red for fire, blue for sky, white for snow and grey for rock. However, it is the collection’s technical attributes that really sets it apart.
WSA - Issue2 - Mar/Apr 2009
Research Institutes: University of Leeds
Ideas and action. In this brand new section, we look at the most interesting people, ideas and inventions to have to come from academic institutions around the world that devote themselves to performance textiles, starting with the Centre for Technical Textiles at the University of Leeds.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009
Focus on winners: Russell Coutts
A life on the ocean wave. In this new section of WSA, we present the views of champion sportspeople on recent textile developments for the clothes, footwear and equipment they use. In this issue, Olympic gold medallist and three-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts provides an insight.
WSA - Issue1 - Jan/Feb 2009