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Nanotex presents wicking technology for cotton apparel

Nanotex, a supplier of nanotechnology-based textile enhancements, has joined forces with Cotton Incorporated to develop and launch its Dry Inside technology for cotton apparel. The technology was on display at the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City (August 3-6).

The patented Nanotex Dry Inside technology aids moisture transfer away from the skin to eliminate dampness and chafing from 100% cotton apparel. It works by applying a technical application to the back of the fabric, which draw moisture away from the body through invisible channels.

“Once moved from the inside to the outside of the garment, the moisture spreads and evaporates more readily; leaving the wearer dry and comfortable without clogging the fabric weave,” Nanotex explained.

Nanontex said that extensive testing of the technology at Cotton Incorporated’s laboratories showed that Dry Inside outperformed 100% polyester and untreated cotton in “moisture transport”.

“We sent Nanotex Dry Inside cotton through a battery of moisture management test methods, as well as our own cling force test,” said William Kimbrell, director of technology marketing at Cotton Incorporated.