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Devan adds to antimicrobial brand line

Textile finishing technology provider Devan Chemicals has launched a new range of antimicrobial products. The range is a rebranding of Devan’s existing Oeko-Tex and bluesign-compliant antimicrobial solution, quat-silane, giving it the new name of Bi-Ome. However, the antimicrobial technology has also been enhanced with extra features to enable textile manufacturers to apply multiple functionalities in a single treatment, the Belgian company has said.

Bi-Ome on its own is still available, but options on offer now include Bi-Ome Quick Dry, which combines antimicrobial properties for odour control with advanced moisture management properties to promote efficient and faster evaporation, to aid cooling and comfort. The range also includes Bi-Ome Stretch, combining the antimicrobial solution with stretch recovery properties for better fit.

What Devan is calling “a more revolutionary variation” is Bi-Ome AV, which has an antiviral activity in addition to its antimicrobial properties.