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Vibram FiveFingers launches “amphibious shoe”

Sole and shoemaker Vibram has announced the release of a new version of its FiveFingers shoe model specifically for use in and around the water.

The new model, which it calls V-Aqua, combines the barefoot-like construction of other FiveFingers shoes with Vibram’s Megagrip outsole, which is designed to offer high levels of grip on slippy surfaces. 

“V-Aqua is a truly amphibious shoe,” explained Peter von Conta, Vibram product line manager. “Anyone who recreates around water - from the serious watersports enthusiast to the casual beach-goer - encounters times when going barefoot is not an option. V-Aqua solves that problem.”

He described V-Aqua as the FiveFingers model with the broadest application so far as a large number of people visit the beach or take part in water activities every year. 

The Megagrip sole protects the wearer from any rough objects they may encounter on riverbeds or rocky areas near to water. Perforations in the sole allow water to easily move through the shoes, while a silicone print on the lining prevents internal slippage. The lightweight upper is made from a quick-drying material. 

Vibram is introducing two other FiveFingers models for spring 2018: the V-Alpha, designed for use in trail running; and the V-Soul, exclusively for use by women for activities that take place in indoor studios, such as yoga or pilates.