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New Dry-Tex lab to support textile innovation

China-based textile and lamination specialist Dry-Tex has officially inaugurated its new innovation lab in Shanghai.

The facility will develop and test new textiles against industry standards, including the sustainability requirements of the bluesign system, of which Dry-Tex is a partner.

“Given the tremendous scope of this undertaking, the Innovation Lab was years in the making, requiring considerable capital and brainpower,” said Andy Dong, president of Dry-Tex. “Since most of our customers are focused on the outdoors, they’re always looking for unrivalled innovations. I’m proud to say Dry-Tex is equipped to provide the innovations they’ve been looking for.”

For his part, Chris Parkes, president of Dry-Tex’s long-term partner Concept III, said: “I believe the Innovation Lab will generate some exciting textiles while also ensuring the high compliance standards Dry-Tex has set for themselves.”