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Woolmark campaign aims to remind consumers of wool’s natural qualities

Wool promotions body The Woolmark Company has unveiled a new campaign that aims to emphasise the inherent performance qualities of Merino wool, which include breathability, odour control and moisture management.

It will be launched across social media and outdoor advertising spaces in New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Shanghai throughout September. In each city, there will be opportunities for consumers to experience the latest wool performance products. 

“As the original performance fibre, wool is 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and the most reused, recycled apparel fibre on the planet.” Woolmark has said. 

Comfort and breathability are two of the important qualities that consumers look for when buying sportswear, according to the organisation. It explained that, in contrast to synthetic fibres, wool is an ‘active’ fibre that is capable of reacting to changes in the body’s temperature during exercise. It also naturally moves heat away from the skin and absorbs moisture vapour. 

Woolmark has said recent innovations with Merino wool have contributed to “significant growth” in its use in activewear, including in base and outer layers, footwear, and insulated products for hiking, skiing and climbing.

“The rapid growth in demand for technical textiles has significantly boosted Merino wool’s prominence in the sportswear industry due to the fibre’s naturally inherent qualities,” said Woolmark managing director Stuart McCullough. “Wool, once the fibre of choice for athletes worldwide, was challenged by the rise of man-made fibres. A new generation of consumers are now expecting more from their purchases and Merino wool’s combined performance properties and eco-credentials are primed to meet these expectations.”