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Cifra moves to protect its technology

Specialist warp knit fabric manufacturer Cifra has revealed that it has certified and patented its Warp Knit Seamless (WKS) technology on an international scale in order to safeguard it.

“The patenting of every single production process means that the importance of the history of this trade and of the path it has taken - with all the skills, investments, passion, and dedication necessary - is highlighted,” the company said.

At the same time, the Milan-based company is launching its first outerwear line, which it says is the result of a “lengthy, meticulous” design process. For this collection it has focused on creating products in the style of what it calls “futuristic urban casual”. 

Cifra has used its WKS system to create ventilated body mapping areas on these garments, which the company says results in “a pleasant feeling of freshness together with an innovative aesthetic impact”. 

“The transferring of WKS technology from skin tight underwear or sportswear to outer urban wear and hi-tech outerwear is an innovation that we are sure will inspire both sports and fashion brands,” said Cifra chief executive Cesare Citterio. 

He added that the company is working on a collection of garments that it plans to present at the 2019 ISPO exhibition in Munich. He revealed that these products have been designed with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in mind. The tournament will take place in the high temperatures of Qatar and Cifra’s upcoming products have been created to combat the effects of these conditions, according to Mr Citterio. cannot be help responsible for content if the language setting is changed from English. The translations provided by Google Translate are automated and therefore might not be accurate and may contain incorrect, offensive or misleading language. We offer this facility as a guide only.