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Summit on ocean plastic to take place in the Sargasso Sea

Immersive expedition organiser SoulBuffalo has announced the launch of the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit, a new event that will bring together organisations from across the plastics supply chain to discuss the growing problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

The first edition of this summit, which runs from May 17-21, will take place aboard a research vessel, the RCGS Resolute, in the Sargasso Sea. This body of water is home to the North Atlantic Gyre, one of the planet’s five ocean gyres. Due to the circular ocean currents at these locations, they draw in plastic pollution from across the world. 

Summit participants will include global plastic supply chain executives, leading NGOs, scientists and innovators. Founding advisors and partners include Parley for the Oceans, Closed Loop Partners, Parley for the Oceans, the World Wildlife Fund and Dow. 

They will spend three full days aboard the RSGC Resolute, experiencing ocean plastic pollution first-hand. This will include taking part in a clean-up on the island of Bermuda and trawling for ocean plastic in smaller vessels. There will also be opportunities to snorkel in the Sargasso Sea to observe the impact of microplastics on natural fauna. 

The organisers have said the aims of the summit include showcasing high-impact initiatives, prototyping creative new strategies and approaches, and spurring the large-scale implementation of solutions to the problem of ocean plastic pollution.