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Has Puma unlocked the next evolution in shoe design?

Sports brand Puma has unveiled a new experimental sports shoe that it claims is able to intuitively change its construction in order to adapt to the wearer’s foot. 

The product is part of its BioEvolution project, which began in June 2017 as a research collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Design Lab. It is the first result of Puma’s work with German research organisation the Fraunhofer Institute

The BioEvolution shoe features a biologically active layer on the upper that acts like a nano-sensor net and can map at a microscopic level the areas of the foot that produce heat and sweat. It can then create a matching ventilation pattern, which prompts the micro-organisms within it to selectively remove materials to create a unique fit for that foot. 

It was presented at the ‘Materials Village’ exhibition held by Material ConneXion, an innovative materials library, at the recent Milan Design Week. 

As the technology is still at an experimental stage, Puma has said co commercial version of the shoe is planned at present.