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Prym shows sustainable fasteners at Performance Days

Prym Group, a supplier of fasteners to activewear and other clothing and accessory brands, used the recent Performance Days exhibition in Munich (May 8-9), to launch two new snap fastener options that are part of its Low Impact Fastener Ensemble (LIFE) initiative.

The two snaps, known as ecoWhite and ecoGreen, are made using fewer material inputs. Prym has said they have been designed to help apparel manufacturers, including in activewear and children’s wear, achieve “a total eco-package”.

The ecoWhite snaps are made from recycled plastic bottles, with Prym saying one recycled bottle provides enough material to make 13 snaps. 

The ecoGreen snaps are made from plant-based renewable resources, such as potato starch, and are biodegradable and recyclable.

Announcing the launch of these new products, Brian Moore, chief executive of Prym’s fashion division, said: “We understand that today’s consumers expect brands to offer products that are completely sustainable, including the fabric and the trim. These eco-friendly snaps allow our customers to consider every detail and increase the overall sustainability of their products.”

The group has also revealed that it will soon offer snaps made from recycled ocean plastic. These will be marketed under the name ecoBlue.