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Design expansion at Cifra

Specialist warp-knit fabric manufacturer Cifra has announced an expansion of its design department and an increased investment in research.

Chief executive, Cesare Citterio, explained at the time of the announcement that the expansion will mean ten computer assisted design workstations in the Cifra design studio and, from this, a total of 80 hours of original drawings each day. The team will also include three specialised pattern-makers.

All of this will combine, he said, to put “a tried and true laboratory of ideas and experimentation” at the heart of the company. 

Among the recent projects the Cifra team has worked on are several that use fibres made using waste materials. These include warp-knit fabrics that use Econyl nylon 6 fibre from Aquafil, and QNova nylon 6.6 fibre from Fulgar.

Another recent project uses Starlight yarn from Radici, derived from post-consumer PET bottles. There are also new additions in the area of merino wool and the use of Fulgar’s Amni Soul Eco, to allow brands to make garments that can decompose in landfill after use. 

All of these yarns combine effectively with Roica’s Eco Smart elastomer, which Cifra has said improves the biodegradability of its fabrics. cannot be help responsible for content if the language setting is changed from English. The translations provided by Google Translate are automated and therefore might not be accurate and may contain incorrect, offensive or misleading language. We offer this facility as a guide only.