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New strategy means Nilit will speed up work on bio-based products

Nylon 6.6 developer Nilit has announced “significant measures” to strengthen its corporate social responsibility strategy.

It has completed lifecycle assessments (LCA) to gauge the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing facilities and reviewed safeguarding policies to prevent its employees from coming to any harm in the workplace. It has also assessed the possibility of any of its activities having a harmful effect on surrounding communities.

It has taken the results of all this work and incorporated them into a new sustainability business strategy.

“Respect for the planet and for people has always been a core value,” said Nilit general manager, Ilan Melamed, in a statement on July 30. “Our dedication to responsible operations has never been stronger. But, most importantly for our brands and retailers, this formal sustainability business strategy focuses our ongoing commitment to creating more sustainable products that will make it possible for our customers to make the beautiful, high-quality, socially and environmentally considerate apparel that today’s consumers demand.”

The strategy focuses on reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of water and other natural resources, and use of harmful chemicals and non-renewable materials. The Israsel-based company said it will accelerate the creation and commercialisation of new products that are bio-based, biodegradable and recycled.

It said it will also work closely with its supply chain partners to identify opportunities to enhance the sustainability of its products and procedures as well. 

Among the measures it has taken already are a move to natural gas as the main source of energy at its largest manufacturing site and installing new water treatment systems.