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AAFA takes US government to task over tariffs

The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) has said the US government’s decision to delay until December 15 the imposition of 10% tariffs on some imports from China will be of little help to its member companies or to US consumers.

In its announcements about this, the government claimed to have removed some products from the tariff list altogether for reasons including national security, but also including health and safety. Nevertheless, AAFA pointed out, products such as allergy-resistant bedding and protective footwear remain on the list.

AAFA went on to say that 77% of all apparel, footwear and home textile products imported into the US from China will still be hit by the additional 10% tariff on September 1. The remaining 23% of all apparel, footwear and home textile products that come into the US from China will be subject to the extra 10% tariff from December 15.

Its chief executive, Rick Helfenbein, said of the announcement about the delay: “By no means is this a win or a de-escalation. The administration is imposing an additional 10% tax on US businesses and US consumers.”