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Brazilian companies unite for biodegradable trainer

Eight Brazilian companies have worked together to produce a shoe made with biodegradable materials and which they claim uses 30% fewer processes in its production compared with traditional methods.

Fibre manufacturer Rhodia supplied the Amni Soul Eco biodegradable polyamide yarn for the upper, which was knitted by Bertex.

The insole, also made of Amni Soul Eco yarn, was developed by the Cofrag Group, and Linhasita supplied Green Fibre biodegradable polyamide stitching thread.

The dual-density sole was constructed using direct PU injection with a Coim system, developed using Rhodia’s raw materials.

Marlise Margaritelli, from Solvay Group’s Polyamide and Intermediates unit, the owner of Rhodia, said the project shows the willingness of the entire supply chain to develop solutions.

“The combination of these technologies optimises and reduces many stages in footwear production. Overall, there is a saving of around 30% in the production process, considering the consumption of energy, water, raw materials, equipment and labour.”

The brand behind the development is Usaflex, which makes around 800 styles of men's and women's shoes. Its innovation management analyst, Alexandre Matte Júnior, said the project is in line with the company's growth strategies, "offering innovative and sustainable products while putting a premium on comfort and design". 

Picture credit: Rhodia