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Down and feather traceability is the result of Applied DNA-Navarpluma deal

Provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security Applied DNA Sciences Inc has announced a new partnership with Navarpluma, which will allow it to extend its business to the global down and feather supply chain.

Based near Pamplona in Navarra, northern Spain, Navarpluma processes around 5,000 tonnes of feathers and down material every year and markets them as Capdun natural down and as Neokdun recycled down. As a result of the new partnership, Applied DNA will use its SigNature system to enable traceability of materials in the down and feathers Navarpluma processes.

This ability will convey “a significant competitive advantage to our products in the marketplace and to those products manufactured from our raw materials”, said Navarpluma’s export manager, Benjamin Dix, on announcing the partnership. “We are very pleased to pioneer Applied DNA’s SigNature DNA system in our industry to establish a new gold standard for traceability that can be relied on by our clients and their customers,” he added.

SigNature DNA will apply what Applied DNA describes as “a forensic molecular tag” and this, used with the company’s portable SigNify in-field testing equipment, will mean brands using those materials will have “full traceability of down and feathers”. 

Image: Navarpluma