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Textile maker’s new water facility will save 8m litres per day

India-based textile manufacturer Arvind, through a partnership with Gap, has completed a water treatment facility that will eliminate the use of freshwater at its denim manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad.

Arvind estimates the plant will save eight million litres of fresh water per day, or 2.5 billion litres on an annual basis. 

The denim mill will operate entirely with reclaimed water using Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology, which will treat domestic wastewater drawn from the surrounding community. A newly constructed pipeline will draw wastewater from the local municipal line.

Punit Lalbhai, executive director at Arvind, said: “The collaboration with Gap will not only help us achieve our water goals collectively but will also help us eliminate usage of water in our textile production process. In last two decades and recently with the help of Arvind Envisol we have made significant efforts towards water reduction and recycling activities. The partnership will also help in expanding scope of water savings across various industry sectors through an innovation centre.” 

Gap will have exclusive rights to the water savings through the project, including the annual savings from the project. By the end of 2020, the project will save three billion litres of freshwater in total, which will be applied to the company’s goal of reducing 10 billion litres of water in the supply chain by 2020.