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Sympatex renews focus on circularity

Materials developer Sympatex has increased the share of unmixed, recycled polyester laminate in its apparel line to 80% and has presented its latest offerings at the Performance Days show in Munich (November 13 and 14).

The German company set the goal of being able to offer completely non-toxic, recycled and recyclable functional textiles by 2020. 

Outer and inner lining materials produced from already-recycled and recyclable polyester, plus the non-PTFE/PFC Sympatex membrane are laminated together into a material that can be fed back into the closed textile loop at the end of its product life cycle.   

One new example is the bio-based, three-layer Berlin Tide. In this recyclable textile, polyester fibres are partly replaced by bio-based Sorona fibres, which impart elasticity without having to add elastane.

At the AplusA international occupational safety trade fair in Dusseldorf in early November, the wear2wear European industry partnership and Schoeller Textil introduced their latest upcycling product, a recycled/recyclable functional jacket uses a Sympatex membrane. Recycled polyester was also used for all components, such as cord, zip and fasteners.