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EuRic launches group to support textiles reuse and recycling

The European Recycling Industries Confederation (EuRIC) has launched a new group created to support textiles recyclers. 

Known as EuRIC Textiles, the group will primarily focus will be on promoting, representing and protecting the collective interests of the European textiles reuse and recycling industry. EuRic said the group will also work closely with the wider textiles industry to explore mutual interests.

Mariska Zandvliet, from the Boer Group in the Netherlands, is the inaugural president; vice-presidents are Martin Wittmann of German waste and recycling company Lorenz Wittmann and Mehdi Zerroug of France’s Ecotextile.

“Our industry has a nice story to tell about how we give a second life to used textiles,” said Ms Zandvliet. “The way we handle and process used textiles will be completely reshaped by the forthcoming European strategy on textiles in the coming months, with many opportunities to address the numerous challenges we are facing.”

EuRIC Textiles founding members come from various European countries and are active in the collection, sorting, preparing for re-use, recycling, transport and marketing used textiles, shoes and accessories. These include ARTSHC, Assorecuperi, bvse, COBEREC, Etcimex, FEDEREC, FER, Texaid, Textrade and VHT.