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Bossa touts hemp’s credentials

As a growing number of fabric manufacturers begin to offer hemp blends, Ozgur Teoman, head of sales at denim maker Bossa, says one of the reasons it is becoming increasingly attractive is its short growing cycle.

The company works with Turkish farmers, and says there are around 15 that have been given a licence to grow hemp commercially.

“When we checked the market, many fabric manufacturers are now using hemp,” he said. “It’s not difficult to work with and is a similar price to cotton. Also, conventional cotton uses a lot of chemicals which can these damage the soil, but hemp doesn’t need the same type of chemicals.”

The Turkish company has also created a collection dyed in a new way that saves water. Rather than dipping the fabric in 10 tanks, the new method uses just three, with a new combination of chemicals and more concentrated indigo.

Bossa has also launched a grey stretch selvedge, and is working with recycled elastane and with post-consumer fabric sourced from a company in the Netherlands. 

Mr Teoman added: “We are always working hard on new fabrics. We might show 75 new fabrics at a show but in the background there have been hundreds.”

Image: Bossa's fabric inspiration for spring-summer 21.
Credit: Bossa