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Jeanologia uses ozone technology to disinfect masks

Jeanologia, a technology provider to the textiles industry, has repurposed its ozone-based G2 technology to disinfect masks, adapting production within a week.

It has been classified as an “essential” business by the Spanish government during the COVID-19 crisis, and its R&D team are working on ways to use the technology for hospital gowns.

Enrique Silla, Jeanologia’s founder, said: “For more than 15 years we have been applying ozone technology  in the textile industry to make the industry more sustainable.

“For the sanitisation process, put masks them into a sealed chamber – Sanitizingbox – subjecting them to a quantity of ozone. Through advanced oxidation, bacteria is eliminated and the material is disinfected.

“Ozone is the strongest antimicrobial disinfectant and strongest oxidant in nature. Once it has been used, it is treated and returned clean to the atmosphere having been converted into oxygen.”

It can disinfect 15,000 masks a day.

Mr Silla added: “We will continue working in this direction with our R+D team because the sanitisation of apparel and workwear is demanded by brands and consumers. Only through sanitising will be able to speed up regaining consumers’ trust, guaranteeing the fast recovery of our industry.”