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Antimicrobial technology leads Polygiene to a positive first quarter


Polygiene, maker of antimicrobial textile technology, has reported positive sales growth in the first quarter of 2020, despite production stops across Asia and other challenges related to the coronavirus. Estimated sales revenue for the quarter indicates a 4.3% increase compared to last year.

“Our situation was affected by the long break in production mainly in China but also elsewhere in Asia”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene AB. However, she said, the company was able to deliver deferred orders from February during the month of March, resulting in some orders ending up in April.

“We have not seen any reduction or drop in the number of orders so far, and sales remain strong despite hiccups in logistics over the last few weeks,” she said. “We have seen a tremendous increase in interest in our product that has antiviral properties, which resulted in the launch of ViralOff in the beginning of April.” concludes Ulrika Björk.

With the success of ViralOff's launch, the company expects to soon see follow-up orders from previous orders for masks and scrubs.