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Circle Economy secures further funding

Circle Economy, a social enterprise aiming to create a closed-loop textile industry, has received funding from the C&A Foundation. 

The foundation has committed €250,000 to expand the Circle Textiles Programme, which is focused on closing the loop for post-consumer textile products. 

“Thanks to C&A Foundation’s generous grant, we can push this ambitious programme to the next level and take the bold steps necessary to scale our zero-waste mission,” said Gwen Cunningham, a researcher and analyst with the Circle Textiles Programme.

The programme was launched in 2014 and aims to achieve zero-waste in the industry. Some of the funding from the C&A Foundation will go toward developing its “Circle Fashion” tool, which is designed to help brands who want to change the way it deals with textile waste. It will allow them to evaluate the different end-of-life options, giving them details on the environmental and economic impact of each one.

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