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Microban workshops aim to “bring clarity to the market”

Antimicrobial specialists Microban will present workshops on odour control at the forthcoming Performance Days in Munich (April 26-27).

The seminars, which are entitled Odour Control - Myths Versus Facts, will focus on silver treatments and aim to dispel industry misconceptions regarding the effectiveness and durability of various odour control treatments used on apparel, footwear and training gear. It will also try to educate buyers on testing standards and protocols. 

A one-hour workshop will take place on each day of the show, led by Lisa Owen, vice president of global textiles at Microban, and Zsolt Huszágh, head of Microban’s textile business development in Europe. They are free and open to show attendees.

“The truth is that there are very wide variances in the efficacy and durability of odour control technologies, yet some suppliers have manipulated test protocols to enhance results or failed to provide sufficient scientific evidence to support marketing claims,” explained Ms Owen. “This presentation, which will focus on explaining these differences and general industry education, is intended to bring greater clarity to the market and empower buyers to make more informed choices.”

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