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Lectra to help develop innovative materials

Cutting technology provider Lectra is among the founders of a new group dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable materials for the future.

The group, which will be known as the ‘Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral’ Chair, is also supported by French advanced industrial technologies institute ESTIA, the Today Tomorrow Textiles Foundation, and JPS Conseil. 

Over the next three years, the group aims to help the fashion industry supply chain, from textile design to sale, tackle the challenges it is facing.

Lectra said the Chair will “combine knowledge sharing with open innovation”. This will include passing on the lessons learned from its research through a technical training facility. 

“The Chair’s philosophy is founded on industrial partnerships across diverse sectors, notably in luxury and lifestyle, as well as partnerships with international academia. The best way to move forward is to always work together,” said Lectra CEO, Daniel Harari.

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