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SoftWear Automation eyes deeper impact on activewear

The chairman and CEO of automated software technology provider SoftWear Automation, Palaniswamy Rajan, has said his company expects to ship its first automated production line to Chinese sportswear supplier Tianyuan Garments in 18-24 months. reported earlier this month that Tianyuan, a supplier to Adidas, is to develop a fully automated T-Shirt manufacturing line at its new plant in Little Rock, US. This technology will allow it to produce 800,000 T-Shirts a day for Adidas.

“Tianyuan will be using our Sewbots, alongside other more traditional means of construction, to manufacture 800,000 T-shirts per day. As for our work line, one is projected to produce 1.25 million shirts per year working 365 days per year,” Mr Rajan explained. 

The company’s Sewbot technology uses cameras to map the fabric and robots to guide it to and through the sewing needles. Mr Rajan said it means the manufacturer can “go from cut piece to finished T-shirt without human intervention”. 

Mr Rajan said SoftWear Automation is “expecting to move deeper into activewear”. Although its current focus is on developing fully automated work lines for T-shirt production, he said the company expects to move into other areas, including polo shirts, jeans and dresses. 

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