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Indonesia’s ocean plastic waste destined for H&M collections

Indonesia’s coastline around Jakarta is the latest place to be targeted for a plastic bottle clean-up, and Danone AQUA and H&M Indonesia have agreed to collect and reuse the waste in clothing ranges.

Indonesia has about 50,000km of coastline and is vulnerable to plastic pollution. The government has committed to reducing waste in the oceans by 70% by 2025 with the support of private companies.

Plastic bottles will be collected from around the Thousand Islands - a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta - by Danone and sent to its Recycling Unit in Banten. The sorted and cleaned waste will then be delivered to textile and garment factory PT Kahatex, a partner of H&M Indonesia.

The Bottle2Fashion initiative was launched in conjunction with The Alliance for Marine Plastic Solutions Forum in Bali.

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