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Columbia awarded damages for patent violation

Outdoor brand Columbia has been awarded more than $3 million for the infringement of a patent related to its Omni-Heat Reflective technology by snow sports specialist Seirus.

The amount awarded by the federal district court of San Diego represents the total profit Seirus has made from the sale of its HeatWave products, which were deemed to have infringed on Columbia’s patent. 

“We are very pleased that Seirus has been held accountable for infringing our design patent," said Peter Bragdon, Columbia's executive vice president and general counsel. "Seirus continued to promote and sell its infringing HeatWave products even after a judge ruled in August 2016 that the products infringed Columbia's US design patent, unfairly profiting from Columbia's innovations.”

The court also ruled that two claims in one of Columbia’s US Omni-Heat patents are invalid. Mr Bragdon said the company would seek to overturn this ruling. 

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