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ZDHC launches next phase with open-source services platform

The ZDHC Foundation has developed an ‘Implementation Hub’, providing a platform for companies to find accredited experts for chemical and environmental management projects.

The official launch is part of the first Friends of ZDHC event in the Netherlands -  a gathering of ZDHC contributors, brands and supply chain partners - and is described as a “new phase” for the foundation.

Frank Michel, executive director at ZDHC, said: “The Implementation Hub is a natural progression as we enter the next phase of the ZDHC journey towards large-scale implementation driving global impact.
 This set-up will allow us to translate our programme excellence into global value chain impact, to further strengthen industry expertise and to deepen alliances at country level.”

Dr Christina Raab, implementation director at ZDHC, added: “By launching the Implementation Hub today we are coming full circle at ZDHC: from a leading programme with industry guidance and innovative tools, to a global training academy to build knowledge and skills, and now to integrated and accredited services available to the entire industry community.”

ZDHC has tripled the number of contributors over the past two years and continues to gain momentum.

The first projects under the Implementation HUB will begin in January 2018 with signatory brands and at country level with an initial focus on Italy, India and China.

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