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Running jacket offers on-demand illumination

Twinery, the innovation division of Sri Lankan textile company MAS Holdings, has unveiled a high-visibility jacket for runners and outdoor enthusiasts that offers on-demand illumination. 

The jacket, which it has called Nova, features a patent-pending technology which is embedded into the fabric and allows for LED lights to be activated on demand. It is said to ensure “high-visibility protection” for up to eight hours and make the wearer visible from a distance of 450 feet (more than 120 metres). 

Nova is powered by a small, detachable rechargeable battery that is concealed in a hidden pocket in the front of the jacket. The product is fully machine washable. 

"Because traditional reflectors are not efficient in low light conditions or blind-spots, forty per cent of runners are at high risk of injury due to night time motor accidents," explained Sid Amalean, co-founder of Nova. “With Nova, people can focus on their run without worrying about personal safety, secure in the knowledge that they are visible to oncoming traffic."

The jacket is available for pre-order on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Twinery expects to begin shipping products to consumers early in 2018.

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