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The latest issue of WSA magazine is now available

The first WSA magazine of 2018 is now available. The full e-zine can be accessed here.

This issue leads with an article that explores why cotton looks well placed to become the next natural fibre to get a technical upgrade and offers details about some of the companies trying to make this a reality. 

Our other lead feature takes a look at the rise of thermal solutions built into clothing and examines the challenges facing brands and manufacturers creating them.

In a new addition for this year, Newcomers, we hear from a team of textile industry veterans striving to solve some of the key problems associated with DWR.

Our dedicated footwear section takes a closer look at a multi-partner customised footwear initiative that its creators believe could be a game-changer for the industry.

We also report from October’s Titas exhibition, where Taiwanese textile companies again showcased their commitment to sustainability, ask whether the appetite for athleisure clothing and footwear can last, and hear why graphene-enhanced outsoles could define the future of running footwear. 

Subscribers can download the e-zine on the WSA subscribers page, and the printed edition will be out next week.

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