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US exports of yarns, fabrics and garments up by 9.1%

US manufacturers exported yarns, fabrics and garments with a value of $28.6 billion in 2017, an increase compared to the previous year of 9.1%.

A breakdown of the figures, which come from the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission, show that exports of fabrics brought in $8.9 billion last year, while cotton and wool brought in a combined $5.9 billion in export revenues. This was followed by $5.7 billion in apparel exports and $4.4 billion in shipments of other yarns. The remaining contribution of $3.7 billion came from home furnishings and other non-apparel sewn products.

A total of $11.8 billion came from shipments of these products to the US’s partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico and Canada, while $8.7 billion came from shipments to Asia. Partners in the Central America and Dominican Republic bought $3.4 billion worth of textile materials and garments from the US, while Europe’s share was $2.8 billion and the rest of the world contributed $1.9 billion.

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