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Dow’s textile treatment ‘allows for brighter colours on cotton’

The Dow Chemical Company has launched a new textile treatment which it says enables brighter colours to be achieved on natural textiles and which “significantly improves” resource efficiency during the dyeing process.

The new product, which Dow calls Ecofast Pure, uses patented technology that allows for the uptake of reactive, direct and acid dyes on natural fibres and fabrics. Dow believes the acid dyes can be used to achieve fluorescent colours on cotton, which it says were previously unavailable. Ecofast Pure is also said to improve colour fastness. 

“Dow has leveraged over a century of material science knowledge to help address the performance and sustainability gaps in the textile industry,” said Esma Talu, market manager for Dow. “By pre-treating textiles with Ecofast Pure, manufacturers can deliver longer lasting, new generation colours on natural textiles while simultaneously reducing water, dye and energy use.”

The company has said the creation of Ecofast Pure was motivated by its commitment to delivering “breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations”. It explained that materials treated with this product require less rinses and lower water temperatures during dyeing, which decreases water use by more than 50% as well as energy use. 

Dow added that manufacturers can also decrease their dye use by 75% due to increased dye uptake and reduced cycle time. 

Natural textiles that can be treated with Ecofast Pure include tubular knit fabric, yarn, denim, garments and towelling. 

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