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Icebreaker promises full transparency with new report

New Zealand-based outdoor brand Icebreaker, which was recently acquired by VF Corporation, has released an extensive transparency report, offering detailed information about its suppliers, its materials and its supply chain.

“Our thinking was simple,” Icebreaker’s chief executive, Greg Smith, has explained. “What if our customers could see everything we do? This report sets this benchmark, challenging the industry and inspiring other outdoor brands towards natural solutions.’

The report, which Icebreaker will update annually, contains sections dedicated to growers and materials, products, supply chain, and employees. It also includes a complete list of the brand’s suppliers and growers and its full supply chain code of conduct. 

Some of the most important takeaways from the report include: 

More than 85% of the materials Icebreaker uses come from natural fibre, with less than 15% being man-made;
Currently, 65% of Icebreaker’s production volume comes from partners with which it has worked for 13 years or longer;
Seventy per cent of its products are shipped by sea; only 10% are now transported by air;
Icebreaker is developing a water-soluble bio bag for its packaging; if eaten by a sea creature before decomposing, it would actually act as a food source.

The full 118-page report is available on the Icebreaker website.

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