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Textile dye and chemical groups make appeal to ZDHC Foundation

A number of leading textile dye and chemical producers, including Archroma, Huntsman and Rudolf, have put their names to an open letter to the ZDHC Foundation in which they express their expectations for the organisation.

The full list of signatories is: Archroma, Colourtex, DyStar, Huntsman, Jay Chemical, Protex, Pulcra, Rudolf, Tanatex. 

In the letter, the companies explain that they have come together in response to the current proliferation of textile value chain standards, which they believe have resulted in “increasing complexity and cost burdens”. This, in turn, is “proving an obstacle to the overall goals of the elimination of hazardous chemistry from within the textile supply chain,” the letter states. 

The signatories have agreed that the best way to move forward is to align behind one industry standard. They have recognised the bluesign system as the preferred industry platform to assess compliance of dye and chemical products, explaining that it gives the “highest degree of confidence to the textile value chain stakeholders”.

The companies go on to say that the ZDHC Foundation, which accepts the bluesign standard as an indicator of chemical conformance, “is the most appropriate platform for the industry to progress towards a more harmonised approach”.

However, they also stressed that before they can become value chain affiliates of the ZDHC a number of concerns must be addressed. The letter they have signed lays out some principles and expectations which they say require clarification and commitment before they can contribute to the programme. 

Their concerns centre around three main areas: the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module; the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL); and the ZDHC Foundation Contributor Status. 

The full letter with details of these concerns can be found here

The letter concludes with a confirmation from the signatories of their willingness to “actively engage” with the ZDHC foundation. They stress, however, that they can only do so on the basis that their expectations are fulfilled.

They propose that, should “a common understanding regarding our expectations” be met, they will join the ZDHC Foundation for a 12-month trial period from September 1. They would then review the progress made by ZDHC at the end of this the and would commit to a long-term partnership if they are satisfied.

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