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Stoll and Myant take their collaboration to the next level

Just a few months after revealing they would work together to help drive the future of smart textile manufacturing, advanced knitting machine manufacturer Stoll and Canadian textile computing company Myant Inc. have announced the launch of a new digital factory platform which aims to allow companies to carry out virtual design, research and manufacturing projects.

The partners say the Digital Textile Factory “will give entrepreneurs, innovators and established industry players access to a virtual factory for ideation, research & development, and design and manufacturing at scale.”

They hope this will spread the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and give more people access to advanced textile computing machinery. It will also “establish and export standards related to textile computing”. 

Tony Chahine, CEO and founder of Myant, said: “Our position at the intersection of material science, advanced manufacturing and the digital world allows Myant, in partnership with Stoll, to catalyse growth across all industries that ultimately want to create bidirectional pathways between end users and the world around them.”

He added that the Digital Textile Factory will allow large and small companies to move from an idea through research and development and rapid prototyping and into production. “We believe in a model where manufacturing is geographically distributed to satisfy local needs, this is at the core of our collaboration with Stoll,” he said. 

For his part, Andreas Schellhammer, CEO of Stoll, said the partners are “working on the solution to a global manufacturing and production problem.”

He added: “Our collaboration with Myant strategically integrates textiles and electronics. The Digital Textile Factory’s purpose will be to tackle quality assurance, validation testing, and localised production - for which custom projects can be sent to an encrypted cloud system that can produce textile computing products worldwide.”

The Digital Textile Factory is expected to have applications in a range of industries including automotive, health & wellness, lifestyle, apparel, military & aerospace, and safety. 

Myant and Stoll will both exhibit at the forthcoming Techtextil North America exhibition, which will take place from May 22-24 in Atlanta, Georgia. They have encouraged attendees to visit their booth to learn more about their collaboration and about the Digital Textile Factory. 

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