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Invista confident of keeping up with nylon 6,6 demand

The president of the Intermediates business of Invista, Bill Greenfield, has said the company has the plans in place to deal with the increased demand for adiponitrile (ADN), a key ingredient in the production of nylon 6,6 fibres. 

“Invista has been monitoring and forecasting increased demand over time and has been planning its capacity investments to meet this growth,” he explained in a post on Invista’s website. 

Among the initiatives he highlighted was the introduction of its advanced ADN production technology at the facilities it operates in Orange and Victoria (both in Texas, US), and at the facility in Chalampé, France that it co-owns with Solvay.

He said that once the investments are completed, the ADN production capacity of these three sites will be expanded by more than 200,000 tonnes per year, explaining that this is enough to satisfy an additional 400,000 tonnes of nylon 6,6 demand. 

In addition, Invista announced in August that it would build a new 300,000-tonne ADN production plant in China, which it is hoped will be operational in 2023. Mr Greenfield said this facility will provide reliable supply for an additional 600,00 tonnes of nylon 6,6 demand. 

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