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FENC unveils new PET recycling solution ahead of Titas

Ahead of the 2018 edition of the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (Titas), which takes place from October 16-18 in Taiwan, polyester manufacturer Far Eastern New Century (FENC) has presented a new chemical recycling solution for post-consumer textile waste. 

“The solution, FENC TopGreen rTex, closes the loop of current PET recycling, diverting what was once destined for landfills to value-added new consumer goods,” FENC president Eric Hu said at a news conference in Taipei. 

The new process can recycle polyester from all types of used textiles, including mixed streams, according to Jeffrey Hsu, FENC’s research and development, innovation, marketing and partnership manager. He added that the collected textiles are separated without the use of complex solvents. The process works by dissolving the polyester, before the mixed polymers and dyestuffs are filtered out.

FENC already has extensive experience in the production of filaments made from recycled PET bottles. Its partnership with adidas, which began in 2015, has helped the sportswear brand launch a range of footwear and apparel made from fibers derived from ocean waste.

Earlier this month, FENC said it would have no trouble meeting increased demand from adidas for polyester made from recovered ocean plastic. A manufacturing plant it operates in Japan is adding 50,000 tonnes of capacity by 2020, while plans for a plant in the Philippines have also been approved. This facility would have an annual capacity of 36,000 tonnes.

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