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French support for closed-loop textile initiative

European consortium wear2wear, which aims to develop production systems that will allow for textile fibres from used clothing to be turned into new functional fabrics, has formed a partnership that will see more used polyester fabric fed back into the textile loop.

The wear2wear project was launched in 2017. Its founding companies include Swiss textile developer Schoeller and functional materials specialist Sympatex.

It has now agreed to join forces with French organisation FRIVEP, which specialises in the recycling and repurposing of workwear clothing. It includes a range of companies and agencies, as well as counting on the support of the French government. 

This partnership will be known as the “Green Deal”. During an initial 15-month pilot phase, a number of French agencies, including the mail service and national police, will collect more than 20 tonnes of clothing. The aim is to reuse most of the textile raw materials in the functional clothing sector. 

The findings from this initial phase will also be used to facilitate the recycling process. The target is for future products to be made from a homogenous material composition wherever possible, making recycling them less complicated. This can start as early as the clothing design stage, the partners have pointed out.  

FRIVEP and wear2wear will officially present their partnership at the forthcoming Expoprotection exhibition in Paris (November 6-8). This will take place via intermediary Sympatex, which is a member of both partnerships. 

“The collaboration between wear2wear and FRIVEP is another crucial step for us towards our declared objective, namely to close the textile loop”, said Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex Technologies. “The fact that industry and government bodies are now working closely together, means that we are already in a position – a mere 12 months after our first flagship project – to start our first large-scale pilot project, where we can show that closed-loop textile recycling is already possible today.”

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