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Award for shoes that combat loneliness

Special shoes designed by French company E-Vone won a Jury’s Award at the CES new technology event in Las Vegas. Its award is in the ‘Technology For A Better World’ category.

E-Vone shoes are designed to help older people receive help quickly if they suffer a fall. If the wearer falls over, the shoe sends a text message immediately to three pre-programmed contacts to alert them to the need for help.

The shoes will also vibrate to reassure the wearer that the messages have been sent and that help should be on the way.

One of the directors of E-Vone, Renaud Montin, has said that he sees as one of the main benefits the fact that these shoes can renew older people’s confidence about leaving their homes to go shopping or visit friends or take part in other activities. “The wearer can leave home without any problem,” Mr Montin said. “This is fundamental in the fight against loneliness.”

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