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Japanese polyester recycling idea comes to France

French textile innovation cluster Techtera has announced its support of a project that will use unwanted clothes to generate recycled polyester.

The project, called Bring, is already in place in Japan. A specialist clothing recycling company there, Jeplan, developed the Bring initiative, taking in used clothing from which to extract polyester. 

Jeplan has developed its own industrial process for recycling polyester from textiles rather than from plastic bottles, and it does this without dismantling garments, which, according to Jeplan, allows it to make recycled yarn of “optimum quality”.

Working with Techtera, Jeplan is now bringing the idea to France, where it will collect clothing, build a polyester recycling plant and produce recycled yarn.

A third partner in the French launch of Bring is sports apparel brand Picture, which, since its launch in 2008, has striven to make environmental responsibility central to its work. For example, it stipulates that at least 50% of all the materials in its clothes must be recycled, organic or bio-sourced.

At the end of January, Picture began a one-month campaign to collect used clothing for the French launch of Bring, setting up collection points at ten sports retail stores that stock its products.

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