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Houdini encourages its customers to share their wardrobe

Swedish outdoor brand Houdini has announced plans to launch a new subscription service that it hopes will allow outdoor enthusiasts to access all the products they need without having to buy them.

Since 2011, the brand has operated a rental programme in an effort to reduce consumption. The idea was that by offering consumers the chance to rent items of clothing and equipment before they buy the, it encourages them to consume less. This means fewer products need to be made, bringing the associated environmental benefits. 

With regards to sustainability, other activities Houdini carries out include transforming fabric scraps left over from production into limited edition products, and selling second-hand garments that have been collected from customers. 

In preparation for the subscription service, 85 test customers are currently trialling the programme in the brand’s hometown, Stockholm. Houdini wants to encourage its customers to share their wardrobe, which reduces overall consumption and ensures everyone can have access to nature. Its slogan for this initiative is: ‘Own less. Pack less. Have More.’

Image credit: Houdini/Nakshe Ghalat.

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