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‘Promising results’ from Spinnova’s cellulosic waste trials

Finnish bio-yarn producer Spinnova has entered into a strategic partnership with energy company Fortum, also based in its home country, which will see the two companies work together to turn agricultural waste into textile quality fibre. 

Spinnova has pointed out that its technology, which to date has been solely used to spin textile fibres out of wood-based cellulose, is also suitable for cellulosic waste streams. It says initial trials with Fortum’s biomasses have shown “very promising results”. 

The partners have said their work has the potential to disrupt the use of natural cellulosic materials such as cotton, which has a well-documented impact on land and water usage. They believe spinning textile fibres from agricultural waste, such as that which results from corn, could offer a viable solution. 

Announcing this new relationship, Spinnova CEO Janne Poranen said: “This would be resource efficiency at its best, also creating a value added product that is attractive to the consumer, while mitigating climate change. We’re very excited about this collaboration and its environmental impact potential for the future.”

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