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PrimaLoft innovation takes inspiration from animal fur

High-performance insulation materials provider PrimaLoft has unveiled a new textile platform that it says “combines the thermal advantages of insulation with the versatility of fabric”. It has called this platform PrimaLoft NEXT.

The aim of this new project is to provide garment designers with the freedom to obtain both warmth and breathability without unnecessary bulk. The company has said it will also offer greater flexibility in terms of fabric pairings and “unique colour opportunities”. As well as being suitable for pairing with shell and liner fabrics, this platform also offers next-to-skin and stand-alone applications, according to PrimaLoft. 

“PrimaLoft NEXT was created to meet the demands of designers and consumers striving for individuality within a sea of sameness,” said Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft. “It is a hybrid solution that leverages the benefits of insulation with the flexibility of fabric, inviting experimentation by designers seeking to break away from the standard look of insulated apparel.”

The first collection developed as part of this platform is the Evolve Series, which has been designed to mimic the properties of animal fur. Products in this collection are constructed with fibres of different length and thickness to create natural highs and lows in the material. This produces open structures that maximise airflow during motion and trap air better when at rest. PrimaLoft has said this results in a thermoregulation system akin to multiple layers, but without the need for layering.

German outdoor brand Schöffel is an early adopter of this innovation and will release products that incorporate it from summer 2020. 

In line with PrimaLoft’s efforts to become a more responsible business, the NEXT Evolve Series includes options that use between 58% and 71% post-consumer recycled content. The company has also said the polyester used can be chemically recycled and fed back into a circular system.  

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