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South African shoe brand debuts domestic range

A South African footwear brand that is helping to tackle poverty and foot-borne disease with its buy-one-give-one strategy has launched its first products made in the country.

Vosk sneakers were originally set to be made at a different factory in Durban, but when the supplier failed to deliver, production was moved to China. 

Founder Wesley Vos told sportstextiles: “It was great that we had shoes but we are a South African brand helping people in South Africa, we really wanted to close the loop, so I met a sourcing agent in Durban, who had a relationship with a local factory. We flew up there again and have been setting up production with them.”

Key to the business is a partnership with charity Samaritan’s Feet, whose volunteers not only donate shoes to children but also wash their feet, as a symbolic gesture, and offer encouragement. 

When a customer buys a pair of Vosk shoes, money is donated to Samaritan’s Feet to buy shoes – in a similar manner to US brand TOMS - and they are also invited to join a private Facebook group, which offers the chance to join the team on Giving Days.  

“It’s such an amazing experience, chatting with the kids, washing their feet, humbling yourself,” added Mr Vos. “Then we give them a pair of shoes and end with a hug or a high five.”

Read more about the company in the latest edition of WSA, online now.

Image: courtesy of Vosk. Credit: Coetzer Photo

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