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Film celebrates cashmere’s cachet

Clothing brand Loro Piana has commissioned a film from Academy Award-winning director Luc Jacquet to celebrate its commitment to a special fibre, cashmere.

The film pays tribute to the expertise of Mongolian herdsmen, from whom Loro Piana has been sourcing cashmere for more than six generations.

Nomadic herders produce the fibre from the capra hircus breed of goat, which they raise in an extreme environment near the Gobi Desert. Responding to the threat to this ecosystem from industrial overproduction, Loro Piana has pursued initiatives to ensure responsible production and the protection of the ecosystem, while enabling local herder communities to live better and produce higher-quality cashmere in the long term.

Luc Jacquet, who won an Academy Award for his 2006 film, The March of the Penguins, has a specialist interest in the relationship between living beings and extreme environments. Commenting on this new project, he said: “Loro Piana is not a simple manufacturer looking for suppliers, it’s much more than that. This brand takes a real step towards saving species, landscapes and know-how.”

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